Posted by: cubaa | August 15, 2007







* Children sang “Happy Birthday, Fidel” in Havana’s Lenin Park. *”Happy Birthday, from a prison of the Empire where you are in my heart every day,” wrote Antonio Guerrero, who is serving a life-sentence at Florence Penitentiary, in Colorado, for spying on a Florida military airfield where he worked as a janitor.

* Our wish is that you will continue to be with us,” leftist President Evo Morales said in a greeting from Bolivia. “You are symbol … of the Latin American revolution. Your struggle has not been in vain.”

* In Lenin Park on the outskirts of Havana, several hundred children wished Castro a rapid recovery as they celebrated his birthday around a giant birthday cake in a well-scripted event at a pavilion named after guerrilla icon Ernesto Che Guevara. * “Get better, Comandante, and continue helping us,” said 6-year-old Zeida Amor.

*Shouts of “Long live Fidel!” and “We shall overcome!” could be heard coming from the open windows of an apartment in Old Havana.

*Two documentaries about the bearded revolutionary’s life were scheduled to air on state television early on Monday evening.


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