Posted by: cubaa | August 18, 2007

Third eye of Korda


The name Korda always brings the memories of Che Guevara and vice versa. Today the Che face that adores the innumerable walls, posters, T Shirts, key chains, caps and in many more forms was captured by Korda.

The moment you think of Che , the image that immediately come to your mind is a picture taken by Korda. This particular frame has broken many records in publishing. This particular photograph travelled across the globe. This very picture took Korda across the border. It became an iconic image and symbol of revolution and rebellion world wide.

Alberto diaz Gutierrez Korda first held the camera to click the photographs of his girl friend at the age of 16. Later he got attracted towards the fashion photography. But this was momentary . He could not keep himself away from the mass movements that were rocking Cuba then. His camera eyes captured the protests waves against the Batista rule.

His association with the movement landed him with a job in the newspaper ‘Revolucion’. Revolucion was symbol of cubans fight against the imperialism. It was the time when the guerrilla warriors dethroned the Batista rule. The wind of change was visible every where in Cuba. Korda’s third eye recorded the valuable history. His tiny camera became a time machine in his hands.




  1. Korda was a fantastic photographer and this book is really beautiful and moving. A small detail about your review: you meant to write that the Che image ADORNS innumerable walls, etc — although one can easily see why the word “ADORES” would pop into people’s minds when they write about Che….

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