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When I was in Cuba a few years ago, I traveled from Santiago de Cuba to Havana, stopping in many towns along the way. I marveled at the beautiful billboards from which the faces of “Los Cincos” peered over the Cuban landscape. It was, and still is, obvious that the Cuban 5 are national heroes who will never be abandoned by the people. The Five also have immense support from people around the world who know that their court convictions are unjust and that their purpose for being in the US was to prevent terrorist attacks, originating in the US, against Cuba.

As our delegation traveled from town to town heading for Havana, I noticed that the Cuban 5 billboards came in all sizes and styles, some less sophisticated than others. Many buildings sported the spray-painted message, “The Five, They Will Return.” Somewhere between Camaguey and Ciega de Avila, a member of our delegation became ill and we stopped to get medical help. As we exited our bus, the unforgiving Cuban sun greeted us. We were in the middle of NOWHERE. Nothing but rolling dry, brown hills in every direction and the only building nearby appeared to be an old wooden shed.

Looking for refuge from the sun, I spotted one huge shade tree in the distance and made a beeline for it. As I drew closer, I noticed several similarly colored rocks, about the size of breadboxes, lined up vertically next to the tree. There were six rocks and each rock had something written on it in black paint. I began reading, “Gerardo,” “Antonio,” “Ramon,” “Fernando,” “Rene,” and ending with “They Will Return.” Who would have known that those dry, brown hills would so lovingly reflect the national pride for the Cuban 5. I knew then that through the will of the Cuban people and those who support them around the world, the Cuban 5 will be exonerated. And, someday, I wouldn’t be surprised if I return to that desolate place where we stopped, and find that the sixth rock has been changed to say, “They Have Returned.”

An important court hearing on the case of the Cuban 5 takes place today in Atlanta, with a press conference afterwards. Also, from September 12-October 8, an international campaign to free the Cuban 5 will take place. See the Free the Five website cited below for details.

from the “Free the Five” website:



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