Posted by: cubaa | August 23, 2007

It is not Lonely…

Lonely Planet, which is working hard not to keep this planet lonely, has come out with three beautiful books on Cuba.Lonely planet is an authentic document for travel around the globe. It is known for good research, superb photographs, Accuracy in details and Maps. The following books are available for reasonable discount.




4 th edition
ISBN: 174059746
496 pp / 16 pp colour / 84 maps
Brendan Sainsbury
Controversial and just a bit conflicted, Cuba is a nation like no other rhythmic, colorful, sophisticated and whimsical all in one sumptuous breath. Unlock the syncopated beat of this island paradise, revel in Habana Vieja’s culture and traditions, ramble along history’s trail in the Sierra Maestra or simply sit back on a secret beach till mañana dawns with this unparalleled and comprehensive guide.

  • WANNA CHA CHA? – the secrets of salsa, son, mambo and more are revealed in our special Music chapter
  • GAPS ON THE MAP – informed do-it-yourself content, day tripper itineraries and more than 60 maps open the doors to Trinidad, Santiago, Cayo Coco and more
  • TRAVEL BACK – the revolution didn’t need to be televised, it comes to life with informed features and in-depth historic and cultural coverage
  • QUÉ BOLÁ ASERE? – learn what this phrase means and more with our authoritative Language and Glossary chapter


2nd Edition / September 2007

ISBN: 9781741040692
232 pp / 24 pp colour / 20 maps
Brendan Sainsbury
Pre-order to reserve your copy now. This guidebook is expected instock by mid-September and will ship on arrival.

If Hemingway loved it, there’s gotta be something about Havana – and there’s plenty. This delightful, wicked, cosmopolitan city is a cultural powerhouse, renowned for its musicality, mojitos and proud intellectualism. Get behind the wheel and cruise through Havana Vieja, puffing on a Cohiba and marvelling at a city on the verge of international stardom.

  • More maps than any other guidebook to the city
  • Enhanced coverage of language schools and volunteer opportunities
  • Beefed up City Life, Walking & Cycling Tours and Arts chapters
  • Finest accommodations – kick back and sleep off your mojito hangover


1st Edition / May 2002
ISBN: 1740590

678 / 9781740590679
256 pp
Intrigued by the many disparate views of Cuba, Zoë Brân visits the country of contradictions and interweaving history and current events, personal and wider viewpoints, she paints a vivid and compelling picture of contemporary Cuba. She finds a land that has little in common with the tourist image of tropical paradise, encountering a different country whose people reveal an individuality and tenacity at once astonishing and humbling.

Zoë Brân has always been fascinated by the gap between the ideals of the world’s socialist countries and the arduous hand-to-mouth struggles of the people who live in them. Castro’s Cuba is one of the last such places on earth. Seeking to understand the realities of Cuba today, Zoë travels the length of this beautiful island. Beneath the surface of music and dancing, cockfights and animal sacrifice, she finds a land of complex ambiguities: a fertile land where many hunger; an educated country with scant knowledge of the outside world, a nation exhausted by socialism but proud of its independence and history of revolutionary struggle. From Havana to the pastoral hinterland, Zoë talks with writers and artists, with expatriates, with committed revolutionaries and those desperate to escape abroad. Enduring Cuba presents a kaleidoscope of Cuba and its people, whose tenacity and endurance is at once astonishing and humbling.


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