Posted by: cubaa | August 28, 2007

No war on CUBA


The No War on Cuba Movement is a coalition of groups and individuals in the Washington DC metro area dedicated to improving ties between the peoples of the US and Cuba and committed to bringing about a peaceful and respectful U.S. policy towards Cuba. We say NO to all forms of U.S. intervention in Cuba and support Cuba’s sovereignty. We demand an end to the blockade on Cuba, support the normalization of relations with Cuba, and support the right of all to travel to Cuba. We propose to do this by:

  • Organizing to end the U.S. blockade on Cuba and promoting the normalization of relations with Cuba.
  • Opposing all forms of economic, military, and political intervention in Cuba. This includes exposing and working to end the illegal acts of the U.S. government like: supporting and training terrorists, carrying out sabotage and espionage, organizing assassination attempts and generally trying to destabilize the government of Cuba through the Helms-Burton Act and an immoral blockade.
  • Educating and informing our communities about the realities of U.S.-Cuba relations in order to organize an effective campaign to change U.S. policy towards the island.
  • Proclaiming our human rights to travel to Cuba and exchange goods with the Cuban people.
  • Maintaining remittances to the Cuban people. We have the right to send money to anyone in Cuba.



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