Posted by: cubaa | September 11, 2007

Nat Geo Cuba


Cuba: Destination Music CDBuena Vista and Beyond

National Geographic’s Destination series invites you to join an excursion into the rich rhythms and textures of music from the far reaches of our world. Enjoy the diverse mix of memorable music from these special corners of the Earth as you browse through some of the intriguing cultural facts and maps of each region (included in the enclosed foldout)-and then set off for YOUR destination!

Each CD includes world class artists, cultural information, a full-color map, and an historical timeline.

This collection of Cuban music, performed by Cuba’s most famous bands and musicians, is a great starting point to capture the essence of this island nation. From an alluring land of tropical beaches, crumbling art deco architecture, and king-size 1950s American cars, Cuba’s music is as steamy and exotic as its tropical nights. This music conveys the constant change throughout Cuba’s history and the many cultures that have shaped the country.

* Song Titles:Listen! “Mambo King” – Tito Puente
* Listen! “Al Ritmo de la Banda” – CÃ???ndido FabrT
* Listen! “Son de Baloy” – FTlix Baloy & Juan de Marcos
* Listen! “Mucho Coraz=n” – Omara Portuondo
* “La Cosita” – David Alvarez
* “Rumberos del Ayer” – RaÃ??Ã?·l Planas
* “Mambo #8” – Amerimambo
* “El Gauo” – Jelengue
* “Pare cochero” – Pfo Leyva
* “Ven Pa Bailar” – Pancho Sanchez
* “Bueno, Bueno y QuT” – Elio Reve Jr.
* “Mambo #15” – Sabor y Tumbao

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