Posted by: cubaa | September 11, 2007

They adopted him after he adopted Cuba

Mr Jeff Tyler has written a beautiful piece about his visit to Papa Hemingway’sbngh.gif Cuba, for The Savvy Traveler. visit to this link to enjoy his writing on PAPA

Near the Catedral de San Cristobal, sweet songs spill out of a restaurant where musicians play for tips. Other Cubans, hit hard by the country’s economic woes, peddle their wares to tourists: cigars, mementoes with “I ‘heart’ Cuba” carved in wood and T-shirts with Ernest Hemingway’s face emblazoned across the front.Cubans claim Papa as one of their own. They adopted him after he adopted Cuba, where he lived for more than two decades. Here, as everywhere he went, Hemingway cultivated a reputation as a man larger than life: A figure who could out-drink an alcoholic and reel in bigger marlin than a professional fisherman. The legend lives on in old haunts that play up their status as Hemingway landmarks.

Places like the Hotel Ambos Mundos, where Papa polished For Whom the Bell Tolls. It’s just around the corner from the cathedral.

The hotel bellboy showed me the room late one night. Always the same room, he says. Fifth floor, on the corner looking out past the cathedral to the sea.

Bellboy: “Ernest Hemingway lived here during the 30’s. Seven years, 1932 to 1939. Because of its importance, it’s conserved as a museum.”



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