Posted by: cubaa | October 1, 2007

Meo……it is C for Cat…

[rockyou id=85855466&w=600&h=200]

We dont know whether Havana is abode of Cats. But we remember CHE said once that he had 9 lives like a cat. CIA can not kill him. Sandra of Havana has painted so many cats. So many dignified cats. Visit her website. Take a shot at the art world of CUBA. Write to her. Let the cat inside everybody comeout of the bag.

sandra-cuba-artist.jpgSANDRA DOOLEY
Ciudad de La Habana,
Diciembre 10, 1964

Ave 1ra. # 30610
Santa Fe, Playa,
Ciudad de La Habana





  1. Dear sandra

    your art series on cats is really good. i liked the theme. the lines flow naturally in ur works
    more than that your observation skills are on high side. keep it up.

    G N Mohan, India

  2. you can see more of my work at
    and of course, there are a lot of cats and dogs in my
    web site!!! I have four cats and two dogs in my

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