Posted by: cubaa | October 3, 2007

Cocktail called Hemingway


On your Christmas holidays you will know that there is a man who is linked for ever to El Floridita and this link was made since the beginning of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 1930’s, writer Ernest Hemingway, famous by his book “The Old man and the Sea”, known by relatives and friends as “Papa,” began his frequent visits to Havana.

One noon of the year 1939, he went through the doors of the bar and sat down in the first stool of the left corner of the counter. It was his usual seat. Now it has remained in front of him, facing his bust, unveiled in 1954 by friends and admirers.

Your holidays in Cuba will give you the unique opportunity of having a picture with this famous American writer because his image is still there, sitting in its usual and every day seat, enjoying its favourite drink.

An experienced taster, the writer discovered daiquiri at El Floridita and, according to Antonio Melián, his favorite barman, he said: “…O. K., but I rather like it without sugar and with double rum,” and thus emerged the special cocktail that bears his name “Papa Hemingway”.

Ernest Hemingway became a part of the legendary bar. With his frequent visits raised the number of friends Cubans and foreigners that he took to the place. Among the celebrities that accompanied him were: the duke and duchess of Windsor, Jean Paul Sartre, Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper (his dear friend), Dominguín, Tennesse Williams, Spencer Tracy, Rocky Marciano, Ava Gardner, Herbert Matthews… and you can be one of them if you come to El Floridita.

This magic place is for sure among Hemingway’s friend list. The photographs on the walls are proof of some of these gatherings, thus granting a special touch to the bar counter and the main hall. A photograph is also on the wall that couldn’t be possibly missed, that of one of Hemingway’s greatest admirers and with whom he also kept bonds of reciprocal friendship: Commander Fidel Castro Ruz.


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