Posted by: cubaa | October 9, 2007

Chess as a weapon



The route to cuba’s heart pass through chess. read this…


Granma banner headline says

Giant simultaneous chess match in tribute to Che

Walter Lippmann responds in a chess blog of Susan Polgar

…..In so many ways, chess is a metaphor for how the Cuban Revolution has succeeded in holding the United States back over the years. Today the US government is so afraid of this little country which can, like the little engine that could, that it’s all but illegal for just about anyone from the United States to do something as simple as going to Cuba to observe a chess tournament. It’s abdiculous, isn’t it? How petty and vindictive can this country be?

Anonymous said in the same blog…

I first learnt about Che while living in Nigeria.
Around the mid-1990s, the Cuban embassy in Nigeria used to organize an annual chess tournament in Kwara State, a western mid-sized state in the west African country. They named it “Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial Chess Tournament”.

I recall that the tournament pieces were a really unique type of Staunton chess pieces that came in pretty pink boxes.

The tournament was discontinued after a while but I was able to read a lot on my own about the man in whose name the competition was held.

computojon said…

…..recently I purchased a chess set, table, chairs, etc. from the 1966 Havana Chess Olympiad. Included was Castro’s business card. This particular board was used for Board One. Photos are here:

Apparently this is the same board/table that Castro analyzed with Fischer. I also have a photo of Che at the same Chess Olympiad.



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