Posted by: cubaa | October 27, 2007

It’s Love.., Love for Havana

LOVE & SUICIDE, the movie


The first narrative-feature film shot in Havana, Cuba, by American filmmakers is now available on DVD .
Based on a true story and factual events, LOVE & SUICIDE is a unique love story that follows Tomas (Kamar de los Reyes: One Life to Live) and Nina (Daisy McCrackin: The Unseen) as they’re guided through Havana by Cuban taxi driver Alberto (Moro: Anne B. Real). In this picturesque journey Tomas discovers the one thing between love and suicide.

On screen beauty, Kamar is one of People Magazine 50 sexiest bachelors. He is known by millions of fans as Antonio Vegas on the ABC drama One Life to Live.


“Luis Moro may have created movie history.” -Lisa Orkin Emmanuel – The Associated Press

masterpiece, “Love and Suicide.” -Jeff Theodore – The Jersey Journal.

“This is a mature love story for the entire family. Everyone that sees the film, loves it. ‘It’s the best film I ever saw.’ FOX-TV

“…sweeping vistas of the Cuban capital, the famous Malecon seawall, winding picturesque streets of the old city… historical architecture. Moro’s film captured the spirit of present-day Havana.” -Jessica Rosero – The Hudson Reporter

It’s not a political film, but you do see the effects of failed politics everywhere and how confronting the ultimate truth can be the difference
between living or dying, even while alive.


Moro co-wrote the screen play with director France.
Lichtenstein provided the exceptional picturesque cinematography.

Own your copy on DVD.


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