Posted by: cubaa | November 5, 2007

‘Guerrillera electronica’

When we opened our mailbox we had a interesting feed back to our post-

Ca(stro)ricature which depicted Caricatures on Fidel. We were impressed by the way Karen has scanned each of the cartoon. thanks Karen…for your valuable input.

we are trying to know whether the caricatures you mentioned is depicting Fidel in negative way. Because we feel Caricatures are caricatures. the basic strength of caricatures is exaggeration. If we really feel it is negative. The next moment we will press the DELET button.

Here is her reaction:

Except for the black and white line drawing, they are all unfavorable and designed to create a negative impression. The one portraying Fidel with a big cigar and a huge belly is not only unflattering but untrue — even in his heaviest (younger) days he never had a huge stomach like that; and Fidel received a World Health Organization accolade decades ago for having publicly stopped smoking to promote the health campaigns urging people to break the habit.

I don’t like any of those and am not sure why you decided to post them, since there are many much better ones….


‘Guerrillera electronica’

Karen Lee Wald is a teacher, writer, journalist and activist who became aware of the vast gap between what she had been taught and what the world was really like during the turbulent 60s. She has been helping spread that consciousness to others through writing, teaching, demonstrating and organizing ever since. While looking for a positive alternative when people would say “you’re always knocking things here, but where’s there anything better?” she discovered Cuba. Not the romantic Cuba she had known until then — Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, men with beards and guns in the hills — but a Cuba that was men and women building, growing, creating a new life, from childcare centers, schools, hospitals and polyclinics to organic farming, solar energy, and community empowerment.

She returned to Cuba many times between 1968 and 1981, writing about her experiences in articles, journals and the book CHILDREN OF CHE (Ramparts Press, 1978). Finally, in 1982, she took her two California-born children and spent the next 20 years raising them in Cuba, and writing to break the information blockade. Her favorite title while in Cuba was “guerrillera electronica”, a reference to her pioneering efforts to get accurate information about Cuba out to the world via email and internet.

Since 2001, Karen has been dividing her time between teaching in San Jose, California and returning periodically to Cuba to continue research and writing.

visit herinteresting site CUBA insideout



  1. I’m glad you appreciate feedback, but….you should have asked me before seeking out and posting my photo and blurb from Cuba Inside Out whether I WANTED that posted along with my comment….I might not have objected, but when you write letters or give feedback to media, they usually asked for address and/or phone number which they specify is for verification purposes only and will not be printed. In this case, you didn’t ask for that information, but looked on your own and decided to post it. I think you should always ask first.

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