Posted by: cubaa | July 25, 2009

The Classic Cuban Mojito

mojitoThe Mojito (pronounced: moe-hee-toe) is a classic Cuban cocktail most closely tied to Cuba’s famous La Bodeguita del Medio bar.

This drink is extremely refreshing and is a great cocktail to order on a hot summer day or when hitting the dance floor. The basic drink is remotely similar to limeade, but that’s where the comparisons stop.

The first noticeable addition is mint. This provides a refreshing spark to the drink. The use of mint provides a cooling sensation on the tongue and lips when drinking, this is part of what makes it an exceptionally refreshing drink. Secondly, the rum gives the drink a little kick and balances out the drink. The limes provide the thirst quenching sourness that so many people crave in the heat.

If possible, use key limes (Mexican limes) for this drink as they provide a crisp flavour. Also a good white rum, like Havana Club  will give the drink a more authentic flavour, but any white rum will do. Using simple syrup is will help make your mojito’s better, since granular sugar doesn’t dissolve to well in cold liquids. Gritty mojito’s aren’t very appetizing.

mogiHere is a step by step direction on how to make it

Step 1: Place the mint leaves into a tall cocktail glass.

Step 2: Squeeze about 2 ounces of juice from a cut lime into the glass.

Step 3: Add the powdered sugar.

Step 4: Then, gently mash the ingredients together with the back of a spoon.

Step 5: Add crushed ice and 2 ounces white rum then stir.

mogiStep 6: Top off with 2 ounces club soda and voila! you have an authentic Cuban mojito.

When preparing your Mojito, gently muddle the mint leaves with the simple syrup and lime juice.  Some recipes call for bitters, but a genuine Cuban mojito does not contain bitters.

mogiSince the Mojito has gained more popularity, people have been creating unique and tasty variations. To keep this drink fresh try adding Perrier, lime flavoured Perrier or champagne in place of the club soda. You can also add berry puree, such as raspberry or mango. Or check out the Centaur which is a cognac and ginger ale cocktail based on the Mojito.


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