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Spill Magic


# Spielberg criticized the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba after arriving there to meet with young Cuban cinematographers and attend a festival showing eight of his films. (November 5, 2002)


# Spielberg had a private audience with no other than Fidel Castro after the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry officially invited the King of Hollywood to pop round for tea — it seems that the two got on famously, apparently nattering about cultural exchanges, history, the environment and the US trade embargo for a whopping eight hours. (November 9, 2002)


# Spielberg discussed U.S.-Cuba cultural exchanges, history, politics, the environment and many other subjects during an eight-hour meeting with President Fidel Castro that ended early Tuesday. (November 6, 2002)


Read Celebrity wonder

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A Star in the sky


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Cuban Cafe


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To-Mr Bush, White House, U S

We lost count. The Artists, Writers, Musicians, Film makers of U S are rallying for the cause of Cuba. We could not keep the count. We are placing the letter the intelligentia of America has written to Mr. Bush. We could only give few names. for entire list visit CUBA RESEARCH.

Yes, You can also join them. Sign the letter and shoot it to white house. click Cuba Research


Letter from US Artists and Scholars in support of Cultural Relations with Cuba

November 27, 2007

President George W. Bush

The White House

Washington, DC

Dear President Bush:

We wish to bring to your attention the accompanying letter, dated October 26, 2007, received from Alicia Alonso, Prima Ballerina and Director of the Cuban National Ballet, and also Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Ms. Alonso has toured extensively in the United States and her work has long been admired by the American performing arts community, cultural critics and the public.

We are writing you as representatives of the cultural sphere in the United States. We write you as American citizens. We write to express our dismay at your administration’s continuing hostility towards Cuba. We write to express our opposition to policies that keep us divided from our Cuban counterparts, preventing cultural interchange between our two countries. We believe the time has come to move towards cooperation and constructive relations with Cuba.

The present policies deny such possibilities of friendship and cultural sharing. We further note that cultural interchanges and relationships are also modes of communication and expression. In denying us the possibility of engaging in such exchanges and relationships, we are being denied our fundamental rights as guaranteed by the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

This reality seems to run counter to other positions expressed by your Administration. In September 2006, for example, Laura Bush inaugurated your Administration’s “Global Cultural Initiative,” stating that “One of the best ways we can deepen our friendships with the people of all countries is for us to better understand each other’s culture by enjoying each other’s literature, music, films and visual arts.”

As citizens, artists, scholars, educators and cultural workers from all artistic practices, academic disciplines, advocacy and service organizations in the arts, we hope you will read and consider the words of Alicia Alonso as we call upon your Administration to:

1. open a respectful dialogue with the government and people of Cuba in accord with established protocols supported by the community of nations;

2. end the travel ban that prevents U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba and allow for Cuban artists and scholars to visit the United States, thus eliminating the censorship of art and ideas, and

3. initiate, by working with appropriate members of Congress, a process that can result in the development of normal bilateral relations between our countries.


Mavis Anderson, Latin America Working Group
Harry Belafonte
Bev Bickel, Professor
Beth Boone, Artistic & Executive Director, Miami Light Project
Jimmy Bosch, Musician/CEO JRGR Records
Peter G. Bourne, M.D., Chairman of the Board, Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba
Joe Boyd, Record Producer & Writer
Bill Bragin, Director, Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater*
Jackson Browne, Musician
Vinie Burrows, Actor & Activist
Regina Cervantes, Cast of SiCKO*
Wilma Colon, Arts Administrator, Puerto Rico Music Conservatory*
Ry Cooder, Musician & Producer
Tré Cool, Musician, Green Day*
Chembo Corniel, Musician/Producer/Teacher, Chemboro Records, Inc.
Peter Coyote

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V for Victory


Photo: Andrew St. George

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Cuban Cookies…


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Cuba Post(er)

cuba-1997-print-c101211862.jpegvisit-cuba-print-c100197302.jpegWhether it is politics, art or society, Cuba speaks with color. Posters are major form of expression in CUBA. have a look at it in

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Listen..Cuba Speaking…


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Strike a chord with CUBA…


Music as a weapon. Yes! Send A Piana To Havana has shown a way. Use a piana to protest the embargo on cuba by America. Music speaks here. Read here…

There’s an aspect of the U.S. embargo on Cuba that we don’t consider: Cuban musicians struggle on antique American pianos, strings rusted through, or on Russian pianos half-eaten by termites. Cuba’s music pedagogy produces famous results, but as few new pianos are imported to Cuba, and parts are unavailable, Cuba’s musical community suffers.

In 1995 we began rounding up used pianos – plentiful in the USA – and sending them to Cuban schools. We’ve sent 237 used upright and grand pianos and tons of related supplies, donated from across the USA. The instruments are distributed to the wonderful broken-down music schools that dot the island. Occasionally they’re awarded to individual students.

We’ve established the Havana Workshop/School of Instrument Repair at the National School of Art. Visiting experts train students in modern rebuilding techniques. The school ensures that the instruments we bring will last, that existing pianos will be saved, and that young Cubans learn tuning. In the fall of 2001 our school was inaugurated when twelve students from six provinces began to learn piano and woodwind repair.

-Ben Treuhaft

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Che speaks…

che guevara on Imperialism from a footage of 1965
according to YOu Tube

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